Trying new things!

I am still not feeling great, but I did manage to make a few things yesterday. I thought I would try a little more embroidery work, so I made a couple of small zip bags. I haven't done a lot of hand embroidery in the past, but I am enjoying it. I think they are cute! J I also made this DVD tin photo album, A LOT of fun…I will definitely be making more of these!!!

AND then there is this little black and white tote. Normally, I would sew my tote first, and then box the sides. I had the bright idea of cutting the squares out of each corner first, to make it easier to line up my seams, but I neglected to measure properly and ended up with a perfectly square bottom bag. Ugh! So, I took it apart and cut down the sides and the bottom, resulting in a MUCH smaller tote. There are four pockets on the outside of the tote, one in the front and back and one on each side. The side pockets were perfect for cell phone, iPod, etc., but because I had to cut the tote down, they are now pencil holders. Ha! Ha! Oh well, live and learn… It is perfect for carrying a couple of books. I can use it to carry my bible to church and bible study!


  1. curious...what is your perfect size tote? I love the inside fabric of the first zippered pouch! Such wonderful bags you make!

  2. Pj,
    The totes and bags that I have made are either custom for someone’s specific need or a pattern I found on other blogs to try. The small zip bags are usually just made from scrap material I have, while I am leaning new techniques like hand embroidery. My goal is to create some of my own bags, hopefully my unique pattern, to begin to sell. So, to answer your question, I'm not sure of the perfect size tote.
    Just to give you an example of the size of my totes, the black and white tote, with the polka dots, is 14 X 20, great for carrying books and the brown tote is 14 X 14, I hope this helps.


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